Monday, October 17, 2005

What I'm going to do with my $170 million
We're hatching ideas for what to do with the money when we win the Powerball this week. I'm going to hire the Swedish Bikini Team to hang out at the corner gas station, where they'll hug and kiss every motorcyclist who pulls in wearing a helmet, and ignore the ones who don't.
I think Barb will be able to afford another trip to the quilt store.
A Fark story that begins with a literary reference.
Dunno why that strikes me as funny. I guess it's all the boobies and scat jokes.
Oh, great; something else I've got to start saving for.
My favorite comics-page character, Little Nemo, has been published in the comic strip's original format, a huge book.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Is that something I'm supposed to look forward to?
His bumper sticker didn't make it entirely clear, but I think I can safely assume that he doesn't like it when the liberals treat him like shit, and that he doesn't mind when the conservatives do.
Autumn in Wisconsin
This tree (and many more just like it, come to that) is right across the road from my house, and the sun caught it in such a way that I was compelled to fetch my camera and snap a picture of it, proving to myself once again that I can't capture the most stunning moments of my favorite season with a camera. It was a stunningly fiery vista, but it made for a pretty lame photo.
Metablogging ... blog the blog

0620: Hit the "creat a blog" tab
0622: Fill in all the blanks, hit the "next" tab
0623: Username "DaveO" is not available. Okay, I choose "Winkus McMuffin"
0624: "Winkus McMuffin" isn't available? You've got to be kidding me. Okay, I choose "Tim The Sponge"
0625: It can't be possible that somebody else has chosen "Tim The Sponge" for their username. Fine. I choose !Q@W#E3e2w1q
0626: Oh, for shit's sake. "Monkeytrousers" then.
0627: I'm stuck with "Monkeytrousers"? This is not a feel-good introduction to the blog world.