Saturday, December 20, 2008

And Now, For a Wine That's Completely Different

This is wine as I imagine the Python boys might have made it, a little whimsical, a little nonsensical, with just a touch of the purile, yet with a full body and rich in whatever wines should be rich in. Pull the cork and add it to the dozen already dangling from your bush hat.

Hot, Sexy Wine

This is a wine that wants you bad. Uh-huh, it's looking right at you. You know you want it, too.

Comic Book Wine

Although the label of this fine screw-top wine looks like the cover of a comic book, "The Squid's Fist" sounds like the name for a sexual technique normally discussed in the advice column of a men's magazine, or has my mind wandered to inappropriate topics once again?

I'm also left wondering why the pair of women are depicted inappropriately geared for snorkeling at what is clearly scuba depth, although they're certainly about to become after-dinner sweets, so I guess their impending death by drowning is a moot point.

Frighteningly Generic Wine

"House Wine" reminded me of that generic beer we used to drink back in the 80's that came in a white can with the word "BEER" printed on it in black, block letters. I can't believe we used to drink that stuff, and I suspect that in thirty years there will be people looking back in disbelief that they drank this stuff.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Sorry, yes, I notice I have gone silent here for quite a while, mostly because I seem to have devoted quite a lot more time to a couple other web sites (obligatory plugs follow):

Drivel, one that I update daily with lots of words but rarely any photos.

Our Humble O'Bode, mostly about the continuing adventures in home improvement I find myself in with My Darling B.

And partly because work has kept me from wandering the streets of Madison the way I could more freely do when I wasn't taking half-hour lunches.

It's an exhausting pack of lame excuses, I know, but since you took the trouble to check back I thought I owed it to you. Thanks for asking.