Friday, August 18, 2006

Soviet Jesus

A frieze on the wall of the Bethel Lutheran Church along Johnson Street.

The flattened perspective of the figures and their rather stern expressions reminded me of Soviet statuary.

A detail shot of two of the Soviet children.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lunar Window, Dane County Courthouse

I had this image of the building's architect hunched over his drafting table, trying to figure out what to do with this impossibly thin sliver of land. And then it hit him: Cheese! It's a wedge of Swiss cheese!

The New Dane County Courthouse

It's a flatiron building all over, but this end, on the corner of Hamilton and Wilson Streets, is the tallest of all the corners.

Monday, August 14, 2006

B and I went to a consignment auction last weekend.

We certainly didn't need more stuff in our house. It was more an opportunity to get out, have a look around and relax all day doing virtually nothing.

Even so, I did come back with a nice mantle clock, and B found a chair she liked.

We might have brought home one or two other bits and trinkets, too.

It's a disease.

Odds and ends abounded. I've never seen so much blue enamel and so many kerosene lanterns in one place.

There's something for everyone to collect.

Not only did they sell this ... somebody bought it!

It's a Crock and None May Abide It

One thing they had plenty of at the auction ... crock after crock. Highly collectable. If I could manage to find about a hundred of these in a derelict dairy out in the boonies, it'd be more lucrative than winning the Powerball.

Little Birdie With a Bill

When searching through the flotsam on the tables, one must remember to glance down at the floor from time to time, else you'll miss surprises like this one.

Creepiest Child's Toy Ever

Instead of reselling at auction, some things should be taken to the woodpile and recycled into a million little pieces with a very large axe.