Friday, September 22, 2006

Beneath the Hirshhorn

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Washington, D.C.

Fountain at Hirshhorn Museum

Rubber stamps

An especially poignent exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum, Washington D.C.


Hirshhorn Museum, Washington D.C.

Chromed merchant with dead bunny

At the Hirshhorn Museum, Washington D.C.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mars Attacks!

These lamps frame the entrance to a cafe outside the National Gallery.

In the lobby at the National Gallery

This Calder sculpture swings and bobs in the updrafts.

On the lawn at the National Gallery

I'm pretty sure this is a spaceship masquerading as sculpture. Pretty clever camoflague, really.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Gen. George Meade gets some help with his coat

Join the army, work your way up to general, slaughter thousands of your opponents' troops and thereafter naked nymphs will attend to your every need.

I've heard about something like this ...

Death gets a nose job

Standing at the back of Gen. Meade's memorial, Death's impact is lessened somewhat by appearing to have a drunkard's nose.

Seen on the Streets of D.C.

This is the bicycle (tricycle?) I want for Christmas!

...and speaking of tricycles

This is the first time I've ever seen one on a bike rack.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Old Post Office, Washington D.C.

Once the city's main post office, it was saved from demolition and is now a popular tourist attraction. Where they once sorted tons of mail on the main floor, there's now an open atrium surrounded by shops and restaurants. Worth a look, if you don't mind having your bags x-rayed on the way in (because, you know, this place has got to be high on the target list of terrorists the world over).

Views from the Old Post Office

The clock tower, now a tourist attraction, helpfully fitted with an elevator to the belfry. Quite a view of the city from the top.

Views from the Old Post Office

The clockworks — not at all what they usually show you in the movies, is it?

Views from The Old Post Office

Pennsylvania Avenue leading to the national capital.

Rainy Day, Chicago

I was laid over in Chicago for several hours on my way to Washington D.C. and took the opportunity to stroll through the Chicago loop. It was pretty crappy weather for shooting photos but I tried anyway.

Fisher Building, Chicago

The terra cotta entrance arch to this building was almost completely obscured by the iron trusses supporting an el train.

A Wise Old Owl in Chicago

These gargoyles look down from each corner of the public library. They're as big as helicopters and appear almost as suddenly when you round a corner and find them glowering down at you.

Chicago Public Library on a rainy day

Chicago's got a library that makes me want to live there. In Chicago, not the library, although there appeared to be a few people living in there, come to that; Madison's not the only place where hobos sleep in the carrels.