Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's time for the Souper Bowl!
This is our third year visiting the Souper Bowl,
a fund-raiser benefiting Habitat for Humanity

For a $15 donation you may have the pick of any hand-thrown bowl on offer.
There are always plenty to choose from.

Entertainment is on hand ...

It's tough to make a decision.
Everyone starts at the far end, spies a bowl they like, then moves along
and almost immediately spots a bowl they like even more.
My Darling B swapped out bowls over and over again.

Some bowls being throw for next year's Souper Bowl.

Some of my favorites from the silent auction table.
A pair of frogs peek over the edge of this one.

A pair of fish circle the bottom of this beauty.

I even got my face painted!
Although the artist was a bit hesitant when I asked for
a skull & crossbones.

His & Hers.