Sunday, November 18, 2007

What I saw on my morning walk

Footprints in the sidewalk cement. A raccoon, maybe?

Homicidal electricity.

Ice already skimming the surface of the ponds
at the Edna Taylor park.

A cool-looking tree house with a custom-made circular stair.

Lazy Jane's for Lunch

I took My Darling B to Lazy Jane's Cafe for lunch. We've been driving past it for more than a year going to and from work and it always looked so appealing, but we didn't stop in for a bite to eat until last weekend.

The food is delicious and the atmosphere is cozily like home. Although their collection of decorations seems eclectic, it all seems to share a common vibe somehow.

Are there any cookies in that jar? I wasn't bold enough to find out.

It's on Willy Street, by the way. Worth the trip for a breakfast, lunch, or just a cuppa joe.