Sunday, November 05, 2006

Where Should We Go For Breakfast?

My Darling B wanted to go out for breakfast this morning and we'd noticed how popular Cleveland's Diner is in the mornings when we drive by on the way to work, so we swung by to give it a try.

"Popular" is such an inadequate word. There were people lined up on the sidewalk waiting for one of the seven tables or a stool at the counter. That's hardly ever a bad sign. Even better: We didn't have to wait more than ten minutes.

Barb had a Denver omlette, minus mushrooms. I had eggs, bacon and two pancakes. The two waitresses were running their legs off and the short-order cook never stepped away from his griddle. When our food came, Barb was tickled to find no mushrooms in her omlette; usually the ball drops somewhere along the way. She gobbled it down making lots of yummy sounds. My eggs were deliciously buttery, the bacon was crisp but not overdone, and the pancakes were fluffy and sweet. The food was simple, hot, and very, very good.

Cleveland's on East Wilson Street. Worth the drive into town, worth the wait.

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