Sunday, April 01, 2007

Your car may be a piece of junk if:

- any part of it is held in place with bungee cords, baling wire, twine, duct tape, masking tape or any kind of tape

- any part of it is missing that would be obvious even to people who had never seen a car before

- it has been folded, spindled or mutilated (bonus points if the wheel scrapes against a bent fender)


Michael Shea said...

Hey, I kept my bumpers on my car with binder clips for quite a while. It even passed inspection as such. Tape looks like a slapdash effort, but if you take off the chrome handles on the binder clips after installing them, they almost look like an original car part. It was deep rust from within that finally made me junk the car.

DaveO said...

Binder Clips! I've never see that before. That's got to be the most innovative use of office equipment ever.