Thursday, May 03, 2007


While taking some photos of houses in Madison, I looked down at the uneven ground I was tripping over and saw these bricks making up a back stoop. There was something written on the bricks underfoot, so I snapped this photo, pretty much as an afterthought, to look at later.

"Purington Block" the one on the left says, and "Marion Paver" on the right.

Google "Purington Block" and you'll find out more than you ever wanted to know about the history of Purington bricks, of Galesburg, Illinois. These guys made enough brick to pave streets from here to Panama City. Okay, not in a straight line, but they did pave streets here and in Panama City.

I remember walking up a Madison back alley that was still paved in bricks, but now I can't remember where it was.

Okay, random thought generator's gone into overdrive ... obviously time to stop.

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