Sunday, March 22, 2009

For as long as I've lived here -- only three years, not like I'm a life-long resident -- Mother Fool's has lent this exterior wall to people armed with cans of paint and an itch to express themselves. Regardless of whether you might characterize people who paint on the sides of buildings as graffiti artist or vandals, for the first year and a half I passed this building every morning on the way to work, I looked forward to seeing a smart social commentary rendered in an eye-catching style.

About six months ago, though, the style changed abruptly, and the graffiti wall at Mother Fool's has acquired all the visual charm of a bridge abutment in a railroad yard. I beg the management of Mother Fool's: Please find a new artist. Please. Pretty please.


steph said...

ha ha, I like this one! but I know it's all a matter of taste...

the wall is completely unjuried, meaning we don't look at anything anyone will be doing there and we let 2 graffiti artists run the open sign-up to paint. Everyone just has to abide by a few simple rules (no profanity, nudity, violence or commercial images) and they get to paint. So we all have to put up with some we don't like, which are different for everyone (the one I despised horribly was pretty popular, which I couldn't believe!)

Anyway, thanks for your blog!

Mother Fool's co-owner

DaveO said...

Thanks for stopping by! What a pleasant surprise! And thanks for the info about the graffiti. I guess I just don't connect with these kind of graphics as I did with those you featured before, but I do admire that you lend them the space to do it.