Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Back to the Memory Box: RAF Digby

I don't know how this got in here ... this dates from 2001, when I was stationed at RAF Digby in Lincolshire. I did mention that I was stationed in England, didn't I? Twice? God, I miss England.

I've dragged my family back and forth across the globe way too many times, but I think they all enjoyed living in England; it was a move well worth making. We traveled more widely than I think we did anywhere else we've been; in the UK from Edinburgh to Land's End to Wells-Next-The-Sea, in Europe from Brugge to Kaiserslautern. B and the boys even stopped briefly in Italy while hopping a flight to Germany.

RAF Digby is a very small place, surrounded by farm fields and very small villages; most of the people I knew seemed to have trouble acclimating to rural life, but I could've very happily lived there, or in one of the nearby villages, for many more than the two short years we had.

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